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These regulations are also published on the club messageboard.
It is the obligation of the member-to-be to familiarise himself with it.
Applying for membership means that you agree with the regulations and will respect them.

 Regulations Alfa Romeo 166 Club the Netherlands
For messageboard, site and during meetings

Issue 7 - February 2008


A. Message Board Regulations:
Everybody is free to post or reply on the Alfa Romeo 166 Club Message Board (MB). The members section is reserved for active members.
Lay-out of the Message Board:
     - the Alfa Romeo 166 Club Message Board
          - several forums
               - Topics (started by members)
                    - Reply?s (posted by members)

02. Topics must be placed as much as possible, depending the subject, in the applicable forums.

03. The management and moderators have the right to move/erase, ill placed/unwanted, posts/reply's.

04. It is not allowed to post expressions with racist and/or fascist contends. Also differences of opinion with regard
to religion and so on, do not belong on our message board. Please respect normal social standards and decency, with
regard to interacting, at all times.

05. Personal vendetta's among visitors and/or members do not belong on the message board. Arguments with other
visitors must not be concluded on the message board. Not respecting these rules can result in banning from the
message board.

06. When problems and/or questions arise, please contact the management and/or moderators.

07. Management and/or moderators are not responsible for the contends of posts made by members or non-members.

08. Every message board user and every member must respect these rules. When these rules are not respected,
banning will follow. This will be evaluated by the management.

09. In all cases where these regulations are not sufficient, the involved parties must try to come to an understanding.
If this fails, the management decides how to act.

B. Website and members regulations:
01. Membership of the club is free of charge. But you will only be a member if you have applied with by means of the application form on the webpage <join up>.
When opening this form fails, please send an e-mail to
with the subject <join up> and you will receive an application form via e-mail.

Self made pictures of your 166 are mandatory with your application.
These are the conditions the pictures must meet:

Pictures can not be taken at a garage/dealership, or retrieved from the internet.
        - Minimum size 800 x 600 pxl.
        - On at least one picture the license plate must be clearly readable.
        - At least one picture needs to show the interior of the car.

02. Every member receives a memberships pass when his/her membership is granted. To get the pass in your
possession, you must mail an envelope addressed to yourself that is sufficiently stamped, to the address that
will be e-mailed to you after application.

03. It is the members responsibility to supply the correct and actual address. When the address is changed,
this should be forwarded a.s.a.p. When it becomes repeatedly clear that the e-mail address is incorrect, removal
from the mailing list will follow. In case the member does not react, it can be decided to terminate the membership.
Notification to the member will always be attempted.

04. After acceptance of your membership you will receive a copy of the last news letter as well as, if any,
news letters about upcoming meetings. Also a windscreen card will be issued. Members who attend a meeting are
required to print this and place it behind the windscreen.

05. When the Alfa Romeo 166 is sold, the member needs to notify the administration.
A. Purchase of another Alfa Romeo 166
The membership will continue if the member applies for a new memberships pass as described.

B. Purchase of other then an Alfa Romeo 166
The membership will be ended, removal from the members list and removal of the pictures in your album will follow.
Old members are always welcome on the public part of the message board and meetings. Old members can also apply
for the "Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club", which is currently in the founding stages.
More about this further down in these regulations.

06. When the Alfa Romeo 166 is lost due to an accident or theft, the membership will not immediately be discontinued.
Unless the member makes clear that that is what he wants. After a while there will be inquired about the replacement
Alfa Romeo 166. If at any time it becomes clear that this will not be an Alfa Romeo 166, please inform the administration
about this a.s.a.p.

07. Admittance to the members only section of the site (not the messageboard!) will be granted on request, and not
before all application data is received. You will receive login codes by means of sending an e-mail through the page
that will open when clicking on <club members> in the menu on the site. Then click on <password lost> and send in
the required data including the memberships number. With the login codes you'll receive, you get access to the
 members only section.

C. Meeting Regulations:
During tours and/or events normal traffic laws and regulations must be obeyed Instructions of members of the
management or therefore appointed persons need to be followed as long as this does not lead to any damage.
Drivers/owners themselves remain responsible for the execution of the instructed manoeuvre.

02. By means of taking part and/or registering for participation, you declare that you are aware of the rules described
in these regulations.

03.People that are not behaving in an orderly fashion and do not act with decency, and normal social standards,
are at risk of being excluded from the event, as well as future events. This is to be evaluated by the management.

04. Drivers of participating vehicles declare by means of taking part in the activities that they are in possession of
valid documents and insurance with regard to the vehicle they are driving.

05. The Alfa Romeo 166 Club is not liable for any material and/or personal damage at or during tours and events or
companies. In other words, every participant him/herself is liable for damage he/she does to others.

06. Wherever these regulations do not meet the situation on hand, decisions will be made by the
management/moderators. Complaints about being excluded from the event on site or other issues where opinions
differ will be open for discussion at a later time. Not at the moment these issues are taking place.
Decisions from the management/moderators are binding.

D. Membership passes and the use of these:
After the application of a new member is accepted, a free memberships pass will be issued. When this pass is in
need of replacement, for instance due to loss or damage, or the purchase of another 166, a small fee of ?2,50 will be
requested for the 2nd pass, including P&P. In case of a new car, please supply the new data for the new car.

02. Companies that supply discount to members are mentioned on the site and/or on the members only section of
the site.

03. It is most welcome if members can supply companies that are willing to give discount to members. Please supply
the references of the company to the administration/management including e-mail address, and we will contact the
company to negotiate terms and conditions.

04. Companies that want to list themselves and supply discount can mail their request to
. Please send a banner along with the application so a link can be placed on the
<Links> page of the site. If a company runs an own website there is also the request to place a link there to our club
site together with our club banner.

05. For members that have a company of their own (regardless of the activities of the company), they can apply to
have the company listed on the website. In case of member discount, the company will also get a good introduction
on the members only section of the website. Listing is also by means of a banner.

06. Membership passes can also be used to get discount at e.g. admittance to events. If possible together with
already applicable discounts. Members themselves need to make sure that they get the discounts they are in title to.
As far as possible, all will be mentioned on the messageboard.

E. Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club:
All members of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club that have sold their 166, or otherwise had to part with their 166,
can join the Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club as a member. The only condition is that as an owner you were
a member of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club.

02. The Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club is still in the founding stages. It will get an own section on the
messageboard as well as an own section on the website. Active members/owners will also have admittance to
these sections.

03. When you apply for the Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club you agree that your personal data is transferred to
the person we call Padre, who will run the Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club. This is at all times a non active member,
but preferably an old member that has continued to drive Alfa Romeo, but not necessarily.

04. Members of the Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club will receive through Padre among other things, news letters and
meeting news letters. As well as all information that concerns the members of the Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club.

05. At at least 1 event per calendar year it is the intention to invite "old members" to participate in a meeting.
The most feasible event for this would be the New Year's meeting but other club meetings are of coarse also possible.

06. Meetings that are organised in cooperation with other clubs can not be attended with the "own" car.

07. The right to club discount is terminated. When a company inquires about membership, it will be forwarded when
a membership is ended.

08. All other issues mentioned in these regulations do also apply to the members of the Friends of the Alfa Romeo 166 Club.

These regulations can at all times be altered or changed by the management.

These regulations are also published on the club messageboard.
It is the obligation of the member-to-be to familiarise himself with it.
Applying for membership means that you agree with the regulations and will respect them.

 Issue 7 - February 2008

These regulations are a translated copy from the dutch version. In case of discrappencies or a possible different interpretation between the dutch and english versions, the dutch version is binding. Please report any discrappencies to the management.