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Welcome to the Alfa Romeo 166 Club Netherlands 

A lot has happened since the last textual changes on this page.
There was an unbelievable Italy meeting, together with the members of the
Alfa Romeo Owners Club from the UK. Together, with a nice train of 166's, we
experienced the festivities around the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo in Italy.
Also a delegation had the honour of attending "the weekend" in Milan.
A lot of organizing, but very worth while!

In the mean while, the Italy happening aside, we have attended a lot of club related
and not club related meetings. And every time it shows how much our club lives
among our members, and often no less with their partners. Or anybody who is,
or has been in contact.
It goes a long way for some members. Cars get lost due to an accident, MOT failure or
even forced sale. But saying goodbye to the club? That is often (luckily) a step to far.
In some cases the membership gets ended, but the involvement is not getting any less.
And that is the essence of the club, the Alfa Romeo 166 has proven to be able to bind a very diverse group of owners. The friendship, helping eachother, the many hours on the Message Board, in the chatbox, the hours of working on the car at our "home-supplier" or at eachothers, etc., etc., makes it that the meetings we have are of a high level, and often surpass that level.

It is unbelievable if you realize that it is a carclub, and where a wild idea over 6 years ago, can lead to.

Thinking about it, it could not have gone any different than it has.
After all, we are not talking about just "a car", we are talking about the Alfa Romeo 166! La Bella Machina! A great car, and yes, then it cannot be any different than that the people driving it, and occupy it, are great people too.
With such a car as the binding force, it is not surprising that it turned out to be a very close, "cosey" and helpfull club, that if you ask me, is at lonley heights among the others.

That many more beautyfull years may follow, and that all Bella's may beautyfy lands roads for a very long time to come.

If it is up to a lot of owners, that is exactly what will happen. Some of them go a very long way keeping their 166 on the road.

The Alfa Romeo 166, la Bella machina.
A true piece of Italian art by design and luxury. In any case, definately not "one of the many".


to the message board

Have a look around, and let yourself be convinced by the qualities that the Alfa Romeo 166 has to offer.
Proof of this you can find in the photo albums of the members, the photo albums of the meetings are a true feast,
shouldn't there be a law against so much beauty?

Also on behalf of the members I thank you for your interest, and I hope to see you on the site again, or even better, at a club meeting, or a meeting where the club is present.

Ciao and Cuore Sportivo Alfisti!

C.A.R.S.=Ton001. (C.A.R.S.=Cuore Alfa Romeo Sportivo)


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