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Club History

I started this site after I traded my last Alfa, a Nero 156 1.8 TS, for an
Alfa Romeo 166 3.0 V6 24v Sportronic.
A car as the 166 that did not have a site or club? That couldn't be.
Inexperienced as I was in website building, I started trying some things in the
early spring of 2004. With ups and downs, and with a lot of help from Alfisti
giving advice, the product developed to what you are looking at right now.
Our own website and our own Alfa Romeo 166 club.

So time now, with the reaching 150 members, to have a look back.
With several meetings under the belt and a lot, really a lot of good contacts richer,
it is really amazing how much it was worth the effort of starting this club.
After the Viva Italia event 2005, and with the mega attendance of Viva Italia 2006,
and now standing at the eve of Viva Italia 2007, it is really safe to say that club meetings
are without exception always a big success.
Good atmosphere, a lot of exchanging addresses and other data, spending time with fellow
enthusiasts hopefully brings members closer together.
Judging by the comradery on the message board, this is clearly confirmed.
Also, club meetings have proven to be a very rich experience. The first one was in October 2005, in Zeist.
A large attendance, and a very well organised day by Jaap020.
And to top it all off, the weather on this October 1st couldn't have been better.
A lot of meetings followed, Zeeland already has been attended twice, a visit to the Alfa beer brewery together
with the local Alfa club from Limburg, the first new years reception is a fact, a very interesting technical meeting
around the topic of chip tuning with the cooperation of Squadra Tuning and a number of spontaneous meetings and
mini meetings between members make this a club that is very much alive and with a lot of good contacts.
Help, advice, recommendations, opinions, own taste, etc. etc.
You will find it all, and all is respected, and up till now it is safe to say that the behaviour of members and visitors on
the site, message board and meetings has been splendid. To date it has not been necessary to intervene at all.
This, I think, confirms the club, and especially the Alfa spirit. Really helping each other, and not over the edge. To say it crudely.

A success story that would not have been possible without the members and the effort of the members of the club management.
So I thank you all!


18 March 2006:
The new website of the Alfa Romeo 166 club goes online. This has been made possible by the efforts of Ido033.
Thanks Ido!
30 June 2006:
The milestone of a 100 members has been reached.
01 December 2006:
Jaaps columns and the news letters are placed on the site.
05 April 2007:
150 members have been reached. (On and off, one comes, the other goes.)
07-07 07:
The club celebrates its 3rd birthday. On July 7, 2004 the first club site went online.
31 December 2007:
The membercount shows 200 for the first time. A happy and healthy new year to all.